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Three BYOD policies

Here's a link to a great blog post on that uses common sense to assess the policies you should put in place when considereing BYOD*. Three BYOD policies for keeping workers and IT happy. We've discussed the growing...
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Horsing around

You must have had your head buried in the sand if you’ve avoided the news of the recent supermarket meat scandal, or Horse Gate as it’s now being referred to. With this STABLE flow of stories FILLY-ing the news channels, this story...
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The Transfer Window

If you’re a football fan you’ll surely be aware that the January transfer window is nearly closed. Has your team been wheeling and dealing or have they stuck with what they’ve got? Was that the right thing to do? How do the...
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Don't be premature in closing your help desk

Here's a link to a great blog post by Patrick Gray on Tech Republic about the predicted demise of the Help Desk. It's a great discussion on how the role of the Help Desk has changed from it's inception to be more focussed on facilitating...
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Snow go?

Snow. You’ve probably had to deal with our countries inability to deal with it over the past few days. It’s always amazing that people are so unprepared for what is inevitable. It’s not like we live in the Caribbean and snow is...
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