Gaining Customers as a Freelancer

The web offers a great amount of possibilities, you can choose to either work on your own in web design, or join a company.  Being a freelance or independent web designer is not easy! You need to have a business mind and be aware of many more aspects of running a business than if you work for a company.  If you do decide to go it alone, here are our top tips for getting clients on board.

1. LOVE your clients: Most web designers are passionate about what they do, and with the design world moving so quickly, it is important not to get swept away in passion for your product above and beyond passion for your clients.  Make sure you channel some of your passion towards your clients.

2. Be clear about your offering: the first step in getting someone’s business is to be clear on what you have for sale.  Check out what other people are doing in your area, who is selling what and which niches are not being served.  Look for opportunities to extend the current market in your area.

3. Stand out from the crowd: You need to make sure people can see what you are offering, how you are better than the competition and why customers should choose you. Make sure you have examples of your work on your site, along with testimonials and play to your strengths.