Getting the Best Name for Your New App

So you have created an awesome new app! Yay! The next thing to do is probably harder than the whole development altogether – finding the right name! The name of the app could be what turns it from a good app to a fantastic app. Here are some thoughts…

You should try to give a hint at the functionality of your app in it’s name.  Provide a little clue as to what it does, if you go for something obscure or random, you will be relying a whole lot more on the app icon to convey the function, which is pretty hard.  One way to do this is to pair the basic function of your app with a word which enhances it, or adds originality.  For example, think “Evernote”, “Tweetbot” or “Wunderlist”.  Clarity and being recognisable are really important here!

Don’t even think about copying the idea of other apps – for instance, a huge number of apps have the phrase “insta” in front of their name.  This does not really help show you off as a legit app – you may get some added recognition from borrowing instragram’s name, but who really wants to be the 80th app names insta-something?  Buck the trends and start a new one!

Consider how many other apps will be competing with yours – if you had a calculator style app for example, your name would need to be something other than calculator as there are millions of other calculator apps out there – you dont’t want yours to get lost in the crowd.