SEO Tips and Techniques

There are loads of things to learn about SEO, espeically when you have a new website or you are new to SEO. This page should hopefully give you some ideas to get going – as always, read through our blogs too if you get a bit stuck, or message us using the contact form on our site. Here’s the link:

What is SEO all about?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optmisation. It is a series of tasks or processes which can help a website to rank higher on search engines such as Google. What happens is, it enables the website to communicate more effectively with the complex algorithms used by Google, thus making your site rank higher.

SEO can be broken down into three main areas:

Onsite SEO


Offsite SEO (or links)

For Onsite SEO, you are looking at developing the [title] tags, using the correct layout of [heading] tags, and writing a good [meta] description.

Content is literally about developing the content on your site. You need to make sure that you have enough keywords included within your text, but not so many that Google sees it as being manipulated – keyword stuffing was an old fashioned SEO technique which involved filling areas of text with loads of keywords, hiding them behind images and all sorts of cheeky behaviours! Google will not allow things like this anymore, as they want webmastes to develop good quality content for the readers to experience.

Finally, offsite search engine optimisation is anything which occurs off the actual site. This can include link building activity, where other sites link to yours. This sends a vote of confidence to search engines, that your website is a good source of information about that particular topic. The more high quality links you have, also known as “backlinks”, the stronger your reputation with Google.

Easier ways to perform SEO

There are ways to do SEO which are easier for beginners – one of these is to employ a specialist SEO agency to help you. They often have good SEO package deals where you can get a web design and SEO bundle together, or they may have affordable and reliable SEO packages in different levels. Not all businesses will need the same level of SEO for their site, as it sort of depends on the goals and aspirations of the business, as well as thier marketing budget. Take a look at the range of SEO packages for businesses by SEO Moves as an example – they offer three different levels of SEO bundles, with an option for a completely custom package if required. Read more about SEO Moves and their comprehensive SEO packages here: