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Customer Services

Customer service is all about the smooth running of activities designed to enhance the level of your customers satisfaction. However, whether your product or service has met or exceeded your customer's expectation or not the service should continue.

Giving your customer access to a Customer Self Service Portal will open up free flowing channels of communication with you and them. They can the log and track service incidents with your organisation and get an instant reply and you, with the help of a Service Desk Solution like Oxygen can correctly drive your processes and policies to the correct departments and individuals who can deal with the matter at hand immediately

By automating your organisations processes they become instantly accountable, ensuring that you don't "drop the ball" throughout any communication. Having the tools available such as email notification, self service portals, routing rules and automatic business processes will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Discover here which Oxygen Help Desk or Oxygen Service Desk solution is right for you.